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 June 8, 2016


For those of you who have missed my musings, I’d say an update is in order. There have been many changes since the last blog and I can imagine that everyone is quite curious about the new hospital building. I’ll start with this – the last 4 years have been a bit of a blur.

In July of 2012, we started the process of planning a new hospital. Then came 2013 which was spent researching options, hiring an architect, developing plans and obtaining financing. In 2014, the process of approval and learning patience (ha!) began. When I first wrote about the new hospital in January of 2014, I actually thought that construction would begin in 2014. As you know, that didn’t happen. The process of building a new hospital takes longer and is so much more involved than I ever imagined it would be. I’ve learned a tremendous amount about planning, construction, financial requirements and setbacks but I’ve come through the other side of the tunnel with a great feeling of pride and accomplishment. I’m very excited to welcome you all to the new hospital. We are hoping that will happen mid July, so it’s close.

Now for the fun stuff, the pictures. They say that pictures tell a story and are worth a thousand words, so I thought I would share the picture history with all of you. The photo below illustrates construction that began with destruction. The bringing down of the boarding and grooming facility along with some of the other outbuildings was our first step.



This is a situation where pictures say more than words. Bringing down the old boarding/grooming building and having a demolition crew on site was a unique experience. Then came a different crew to prepare for and pour the foundation. So you may be wondering what was going on up front while all of this was taking place. To be honest, it was a juggling act and we were crowded. We merged the grooming business into the hospital building and placed a trailer alongside the existing hospital to facilitate grooming. As you are also no doubt aware, we lost a great deal of parking. That statement deserves some special attention. Parking got tricky and challenging. That’s an understatement, right? We hired a valet service to assist our clients with parking challenges. It was the best solution for a tough issue. We had to quickly figure out how to remain a fully functional hospital while undergoing this chaos. We have managed to do so because of an amazing staff that has put up with the stress, the noise and  the loss of parking. We have managed to do so because of amazing clients who have been understanding and patient with us and for all of you we are truly grateful. THANK YOU!


Oh and by the way, we took a little time to have a wedding. My beautiful daughter Grace got married in September!




The pad that the building will sit on was compacted, measured, tested by engineers and then compacted some more. Next, they did the layout where the plumbing, sewer and electrical will be placed. Next came the pouring of the concrete.



The obligatory signing of our names in concrete. We are obviously rookies. We signed in a spot where the wood foundation will cover up our names. Oh well, we know where they are.


Here we were on the last day of November 2015. This thing is going to be big.


Below is a picture two weeks later – framers move fast. December 15 2015



The picture below is approximately a month after the one above.




At this point, I stopped referring to the structure as the new building and started to refer to it as the new hospital. Every evening I would walk through and envision how the new hospital would flow. How will patients be moved? What will flow be like for in-patients and for outpatients? That discussion and training for current staff begins with a focus on both optimizing patient care and the animal and client experience in the new hospital. The pictures below focus on the outside of the new hospital and just how far we have come in the past two months. There are just as many changes on the inside.






Sometime in mid-July, all patient care will be transferred to the new hospital. We are in the home stretch. After we have moved in, we will then undertake the final phase of our new digs which will include demolition of the old hospital, and building of a new parking lot. This last phase will also be challenging as there will be no onsite parking. The valet staff will move the cars off site. You will be able to drive up and drop off and then your vehicle will be taken off site to a secure lot located around the corner at the Sprinkler Fitter’s Union.

I hope you enjoyed the update and pictures. Next up…. How I spent the last year earning that certificate. Yes, I am now very proud to say that I am a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist (CCRT). The canine rehabilitation unit (think physical therapy for dogs) will offer treadmill therapy, underwater treadmill therapy, laser therapy, hands on stretching and massage, joint mobilization, and strategic exercises. I soon will be joined as a CCRT by Dr. Casida, who joined our practice last year.


Once we are up and running in the new hospital, we will be offering tours to all of you. Please feel free to talk to your friends and bring them along as well. We are very proud of our new hospital and we can’t wait to show it to the world! If you would like to be added to the mailing list and get updates specifically about the tours, please send us a quick note at tour@wbanimalhospital.com.

Until next time………………


Dr. Voorheis










  1. Nancy Atwood

    Wow! Thank you. This is AMAZING! I can’t imagine how you did all this & got the new certification as well. I really appreciate your flexibility in taking Sasha all the times I’ve been out-of-town–more now because of new grandson. The valet parking staff has been amazing–not to mention your own regular staff! You made it quite easy for all of us & I thank you for that also–must have taken a great deal of planning. I’ll invite several of my neighbors to your tour. I think they’re already your patients & would love to see it all.

  2. Dr Voorheis

    Thanks Nancy…. will get tours going once we are up and running. Mid to late summer I’d think. Thank you for all your support. Sasha is an easy patient to work with. I think he will love his new digs.
    Dr. V

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