Core Values


1. Quality Progressive Medicine
We are lifelong learners, focused on science and delivering compassionate

So you can see that this one core
value now encompasses the original two core values, and emphasizes that our progressive medicine is base in fact and in science.

2. Resourceful
We find a way through creative problem solving
Again, we think this more clearly
defines us. WBAH veterinarians and staff find a way. We find a way to get things done, we find a way to solve problems for clients and our patients. We may find creative ways to treat a case. Any way we looked at it this happens in this hospital every day.

3. Dedication
Deeply invested in the best possible solution.

It is here again, that WBAH staff and veterinarians shine. Whether that deep investment is time spent at work or away from work coming up with solutions to a problem. Whether that investment is seeking answers differently, or thinking outside the box, or looking at a problem from a different
point of view – this dedication runs throughout the practice.